So, in case you weren’t already sure, moisture can be bad.

You may remember our trip to get insulation. We put in up, which went fine. We sprayed the seams between each board as time allowed. When we first moved in, it was hot. The A/C worked as a dehumidifier, plus when the inside it cooler than the outside, there is no condensation inside.

But then…winter hit. And it was warmer inside than outside. And the dripping started.

On the upside, the dripping allowed us to see obvious places the insulation had not been properly sealed, which we were able to address quickly. But in the interest of removing any pre-existing moisture, and keeping excess moisture out in the future, we decided we needed a dehumidifier. We purchased one for cheap on Craigslist, which certainly functioned, but was so loud I just about couldn’t keep it on if I was home. That one has now been moved to the bathroom (since we don’t have a fan in there).

We saved a little dough and bought a quiet dehumidifier…which I love and keep on all the time. The drips totally stopped.

And, for the sake of conservation, we use the water pulled from the air to fill the animals’ water bowl.

We’ve got some thoughts of adding a slanted roof over the house, which should further decrease any potential moisture accumulation.


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