First Garden

I spent all last week purchasing wood, scheduling dirt to be delivered, and buying a few plants from Home Depot. I’ve ordered some trees (pear and apple) and 6 blueberry bushes from the Arbor Day Foundation that will be delivered…sometime. They don’t say exactly when, which is frustrating.

Last Sunday, my friend Rebecca came over and helped me plant azaleas and hydrangeas. We also screwed together my beds, though in all fairness, my husband had to redo some of our screws. Thanks, love!

Scott got a bee in his bonnet and helped me till, install beds, and haul dirt. We were out until 11pm. Bless his heart, but he also had to spend three hours working on the tiller to get it running. We borrowed it from a family member, and I’m very grateful, because it worked very well once we got it going.

Here’s some pics of the fun:

IMG_2091 2

Before photo. We hauled that wood off and burned it.


Dirt being unloaded.

IMG_2098 2

IMG_2119 2 Scott doing some tilling. Our dog is clearly accustomed to loud equipment.

IMG_2122 2

After photo from the next morning.

An amusing note: I ordered a load of dirt before we tilled because I was aware most of our space is clay–which of course, isn’t much good for a vegetable garden. Once we started tilling, guess what we found? Some of the only dirt-dirt (not clay) on our usable flat space is right where I wanted my garden; I could have probably done without that load of dirt. Ha.

On Monday, I planted a ton of beets, carrots, chard, lettuce, parsnips, and some marigolds and nasturtiums around the edges of the tilled space. I also planted Celosia Forest Fire along that left edge, to sort of create a barrier between pretty garden and that giant monstrosity of an invasive hedge to the left in the photo.

Next fall, that sucker is coming down.

Those ten beds are 8×4. I’m planting them based on the square-foot gardening method. It seems the most logical use of space. My goal is by next year to be able to produce 90% of our vegetables.

In another week or two I’ll plant some more. Keep your fingers crossed that (most) everything sprouts!


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