On Tiny Homes

This is a special post for my friend Amy’s page. Amy and her family are in the process of planning a tiny home, and Amy also manages a Facebook page dedicated to tiny homes  in northwest Arkansas.

I don’t claim to be an expert on tiny homes. Our three cargo containers together will be 960 square feet, and that’s certainly not tiny. Small, arguably, but not tiny. Still, the planning of our house has given me some insight into how usable these containers really are–and how flexible.

If being portable is not a concern, I think cargo containers are a great route to go for tiny homes. One cargo container is 320 square feet, and even after insulation would be over seven feet wide and eight-and-a-half feet high, which allows for just a bit more vertical storage.

If I were planning a cargo container tiny home, I’d do a layout like this:

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 10.01.19 PM

This space is, as I mentioned, eight feet wide and forty feet long.

You would add a bar on that wall at the foot of the bed for closet space, and you could have barstools by the kitchen bar for eating. You could get smaller furniture to decrease your living space footprint as well. The hallway space is only around two feet wide in this sample, so you could certainly use, for example, a pedastal sink in the bath instead of a full vanity to allow for widening the hall. The full vanity does provide towel/etc storage space though, but there’s plenty of room to just include shelves or something.

I like this plan also because of bathroom access. One could easily have guests over and the bathroom would be accessible from the living area without the guest disturbing the home owner–and vice versa.

The bed is a queen size. The couch and overstuffed chair are also of a pretty average size. Again, you could change your furniture size depending on your individual needs. I’m one of those who likes her furniture to be pretty sprawling, and I wanted to show the larger end of the options.

I made the above mockup on floorplanner.com. You have to make an account, and can only do one floorplan for free, but it is the most simple and easy to use site I’ve found for basic floorplans like this.

I am impressed by those who feel tiny living is for them. We are not overly attached to clutter, but I do like to have my “things” around. My cedar chest, my cooking utensils, my comfy blankets. Books. A little space to spread out. My husband is self-employed and spends quite a lot of time working from home. I do a bit of contract work outside of my day job, which means working at home frequently. All that adds up to no tiny home for us. 🙂 Still, I hope this little blurb has given you something to think about as you pursue your home dreams, rather tiny, small, or regular-sized!


1 thought on “On Tiny Homes

  1. Amy

    Thank you Lacey for doing this. Any awareness for the TH movement is wonderful in my opinion. I hope that this idea of a small footprint when considering our living quarters and “stuff” will catch on here in the US or even just in our little part of the world in NWA. If anyone is interested in joining our group to learn more about Tiny House Living, join our group on Facebook at Tiny House Living NWA.



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