On another note

Here’s a garden post for your “Monday”.

You see, my favorite people have always been farmers, gardeners, though not all of them made/make their living that way. My friends, my grandfather, my brother–they’re all growers of things, one way or another.

Before seeds can be planted, ground must be prepared. So, I spent today moving a ton of sticks and vines off our fence. I’m not sure how that relates to ground preparation, but I’m sure it does.

I’ve got two 60×20 spaces that will work for gardening.

IMG_0041 IMG_0040

They are separated by the brush in the middle, which is going to be cut down, and a fence of cedar poles (probably) will be put in its place. The idea is to use the fence as a trellis.

Below is a panorama photo, so the driveway angle is actually opposite of how it looks


It’s been suggested that I only plant one this year. That’s good advice. I may or may not take it. You see, I bought a lot of seeds…


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