An update on building progress

Well, it’s been awhile since I updated y’all on the actual building process.

The welding is complete. We chose to weld only at the corner joints where each container meets its mate. We’re looking for a beam to go across the width of all three containers–it will be welded on as extra support, since we’re removing walls. It’s actually probably not that necessary, since most of the strength is in the corner posts, but we’re trying to be somewhat on the safe side since the middle container is having both side walls removed. (Note: we’re not professionals. Hire a structural engineer for that.)

Because my husband is a Jack of all trades, he decided to buy a plasma cutter. After some trial and error, here’s a pic from yesterday:


Can you see the section of wall he’s removing? That “S” is from the outside wall of the container next to the one he’s standing in.


Today, he’s cutting out the rest of this wall, and should finish up the second section tomorrow. I’ll post some pictures of that, and maybe a video, when it’s complete. With the walls cut out it’s going to look like a real house. Next is either roughing in the electric or framing the one wall we need to put out. We haven’t decided yet. Our contractor friend says either is fine, in this case.

Just for fun, here’s a picture of what I consider the front yard:


Obviously, that porch is from the house-that-was-before.

That’s all, folks. More tomorrow!


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