The post we’ve been waiting for

…One of them, anyway.

The operators showed up at 10 this morning. Patrick, the gentleman who came out Monday to survey the site, was one of them. We were quoted $115 an hour (total, for two forklifts), and given an estimate of four hours. Additional fees included $85 for transport either direction, and $350 to have the 4th container moved from our storage facility. Patrick found the trucking company for us and contracted them out–which means he made the scheduling arrangements and we’re paying (probably with a little extra on top) through the construction company instead of direct. Still, it was the best price we’d heard, and the driver was accurate in his trailer length. It was 43 feet long, exactly.

Having the containers placed, including the one the driver dropped this morning, only took 2.5 hours, so we’re ahead a bit on what we’d expected to spend, which always makes for good news.

I’d describe further, but pictures, in this case, really are worth a thousand words:


The driver picking up the fourth one at our storage facility.


Crane 1


Crane 2


Two in place


And they’re all in place!


Kinda looks homey, right?

After all the stress and general up-in-the-air uncertainty about how exactly this was going to go down, I can’t begin to express my relief.

So instead, I’ll just show you this composite video:


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