Cranes, trains, and automobiles bb

The crane guy was supposed to meet me at 9 this morning. At 8:15, he texted me saying he’d driven by early, and was sorry to say he didn’t have any equipment small enough for my job. His tone was very professional and genuinely apologetic–and I give him props for swinging by early on a Monday. He suggested we call a local construction company that he knew had smaller cranes.

Despite it being my first full day on vacation from the day job, I’m ready for this project to get going, so when I received that text, I looked up the number and gave it a ring. I left a message, but you know how that goes–on a Monday morning, I figured I might not hear back until tomorrow. Imagine my joy when Pat (that’s his name) called me within an hour and was able to meet me this afternoon (!!!).

The very pleasant and professional Pat came by and chatted with me while we walked around for him to assess the situation. He said he feels forklifts are really a last resort, and while we have room for one of his smaller ones, we’ve still got enough trees (even after all the unfortunate tree surgery that’s occurred) to be just a little problematic.


He has an all-terrain forklift that he said will do the job easily. AND they can do it sometime this week. He’s heading to another job site, then will go to the office and check the calendar and call me to schedule.

After all our setbacks with moving these things, I am so, so grateful to have some good news, and to have had a professional person come out at no cost and tell me with certainty his company could do it.

Oh, and his company can also move the 4th one we put at our storage facility–and at a much lower price than I’d gotten from anyone else.



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