The second (and third) delivery

Lessons Learned

  • While they may be kind and helpful, it’s best to assume the office staff doesn’t actually know anything.
  • A crane can be rented with surprising ease.
  • Life in the country apparently includes driveway maintenance.

On the first note: The first delivery didn’t exactly go as planned, due to the trailer requiring significantly more manuevering room than then office workers told us. This despite several (slightly frazzled phone calls from myself to check on this. The second delivery (yesterday) was supposed to go so much easier, since the office manager told Scott their trailer was nearly twenty feet shorter than the one we dealt with originally. I quote, “If you got that first semi up there, you won’t have any problem with this one.” Shockingly, he was incorrect. Their trailer was, in fact, just as long as the first one we dealt with. This time, however, the driver was less experienced, resulting in him getting temporarily stuck by the oak, resulting in yet another limb being cut:

Getting unstuck

and then getting (also temporarily) stuck in some mud:

Stuck in mud

The driver spent the first two hours cussing and yelling about how he was going to get fired if he had to have a tow truck pull him out. Apparently he turned out to be a rather nice guy, but not what I would call laid back.

The second container got dropped just by the first one. We now have two containers, and neither of them are where we want them.

Today, the driver dropped the third container at some storage space we rent about twenty minutes from here. It’s not ideal, but it’s an easy in and out, and gave us the day to have our driveways improved.

Up next: Learning about cranes and driveways.


2 thoughts on “The second (and third) delivery

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