Container Homes in Little Rock

Hello all–

No real updates on our front. Instead, I bring you a link to an older (2011) article about a container home in downtown Little Rock. A friend of a friend posted this article in some Facebook comments several days ago. Little Rock isn’t too far from us, so it was neat to drive by these this weekend and check them out.

The people involved in this revitalization project have a great Google album of the photos from construction located HERE, which is where the below photo came from.

Cool Siding

The siding is, as far as I can tell, only for aesthetics–and it’s made from pallet wood! It’s hard to tell in the photo, but standing next to the home it’s pretty clear. We hadn’t planned to do anything beyond paint our containers to a uniform color, but now I’m thinking we might add some pallet siding in the spring. The builder also included a separate roof. While we may add a secondary roof later, our current plan is to keep the flat roof of the container.


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