An update and a floor plan

When last we left you, we’d had an interesting first delivery in which the driver had to “walk” his trailer up the driveway. We were scheduled to have the rest of our deliveries this week.

After talking with the head of the towing company we used, it was determined that they should not deliver the next three. It took much more time than they’d anticipated to drop, which means they were behind on other deliveries. Once was fine, but they can’t do that continually. While this was a disappointment, I would still recommend this company for folks who have a more flat/wide area to deliver to.

Luckily, our backup option was pretty straightforward. The company we purchased the containers from (ConGlobal) has delivery. The only question was how long we would have to wait, since they only have one driver with a roll-off truck and are typically booked out a bit. I, of course, assumed it would take until next week to get ahold of anyone, given the holiday. My spouse, however, is much more willing to make holiday-week phone calls than I, and miraculously, someone got back to him. ConGlobal had just had several days’ worth of cancellations, and Scott’s was the first message the shipping manager heard after he processed the cancellation. We got in just about ten days from now. So, yay for hubs.

In further “yay” news, this delivery will cost about $100 less per container than the towing company, and the trailer they will use is about twenty feet shorter than the first delivery, which means this should be a much easier experience. Hopefully.

For sticking with me through the shipping part, check out our floor plan below! It’s missing a window or a door here and there we haven’t decided on, but it’s basically complete. It is (almost exactly) to scale–40 feet long and 24 feet wide. The vertical interior bathroom wall represents a container wall that will be left partiallly in place.

The bedroom closet will be against that bathroom wall. The hot water heater will be in the bathroom.

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 8.48.40 PM

It’s about 960 square feet, which is 540 square feet less than our old house. If you subtract the two bedrooms we didn’t use, the hallway, the second bathroom, and the laundry room, you’re getting on up to the difference in square feet.

(Girl note: I’m going to be honest and say I think having two toilets is always a good idea. However, we’ve been living with only one for a year, so we’ve somewhat adapted. Additionally, once Scott finishes his warehouse on our property in the next six months or so, he’ll have one there, which at least gives us the option if there is an emergency.)

For tonight, that’s all, folks! Happy Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “An update and a floor plan

  1. amy

    How exciting that something which had the potential to be very bad turned out to be a much better deal for you. So glad your shipping worked out! I like your floor plan. Its exactly enough space. The one toilet thing would be a tough adjustment for us too. We currently have 3 and with 5 people it would be quite difficult to go back down to one.


    1. pinewarblersbranch Post author

      If we had more than just us, I would never go for one toilet–Even though I’m okay with it, I keep asking, “What if someone gets sick?” to make sure we’re really thinking it through. Ha.



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